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¡Bienvenido a tempestovermexico.com! - Welcome to tempestovermexico.com!

News (y/m/d):
2012/11/14: contact page - Contact email address changed.
2012/11/14: Site-wide - Ported site to Amazon S3.
2010/11/18: download page - Added an EPUB version! (tempest_over_mexico.t001.epub) It's the first EPUB version and it needs a little work...
2009/05/05: the bella vista page - Added content and photos.
2006/08/15: the book page - Added a link to a new page with a book review from 1935.
2004/01/20: contact page - new email address / cosmetic changes to entire site (use of CSS).
2004/01/16: Moved to a new home! tempestovermexico.com
2003/10/30: download page - Updated the PDF text-only file to tempest_over_mexico_t002.pdf. This update contains minor corrections.
2003/05/21: Moved the site to geocities.
2003/05/21: contact page - Contact email address changed.
2003/01/28: the bella vista page - Added an image of the hotel.
2003/01/13: Site launch.

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